Agenda 2024

31.03.2024 - Registration

Call for particpants and pre-registration form for the selection exam opens. You can find the link on our main page.

04.05.2024 - Selection Exam

All particpants who reigstered are going to recieve a link for the online exam taking place from 09:30-12:00 (plan a bit of time before and after ;)). Good Luck!

IOAA Team Announcement

In few days afterward, we will announce the top three students who are going to be a part of the first swiss delegation that is going to take a part in IOAA this year. We will send all results by email.

IOAA Team Training

The selected students are going to undergo different theortical and practical trainning sessions to enhance thier knowledge and skills. More information on dates will be shared soon.

17-27.08.2024 - IOAA

The first Swiss delegation taking a part in the international astronomy and astrophysics Olympiad in Brazil.